Apple iPod Nano Next-Gen Variant Sports a Rear Camera!

May 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In case you have been tracking news of the successive Apple iPods that arrived in our midst, you might be well aware that the Cupertino major has brought exciting additions in every iteration of the device. The latest on that front is that the upcoming variant would include a rear facing camera. Earlier, we had seen  photos of what was claimed to be  the rear case of the next-generation iPod Nano.

Interestingly, a new photo is out showing more clearly what seems to be a camera slot. Though the image does not actually show clips attached to the rear case. The Apple logo falls directly on the case itself. We earlier had our doubts as to how the camera would be placed in relation to the clip on the existing model which covers the entire back of the iPod.

Considering the compact form factor and the sporty function of the gadget, it’s quite a surprise to see the new picture with the clips entirely removed.

Fresh info reveals that the iPod Nano camera will come with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. Yeah it’s true that the resolution is fairly low when compared to many other high-profile devices. But, who wouldn’t like an add-on feature.

The overall design of the unit looks similar to the current version of the iPod Nano. Minor detail changes can be seen if carefully observed, there’s a chrome border around the new camera and the metal exterior has a showy darker green hue. This could mean that newer shades are coming our way. So, how many of you would go for the next-generation, camera-sporting iPod Nano?

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