Xbox 360 Spring 2011 Update Coming May 19th, Adds Paypal.

May 10, 2011, By Christian Davis

A steady string of updates are coming for the Xbox 360 this summer and it’s nothing but improvements. We just got Hulu Plus last week and now we’ve gotten word that Xbox 360 will be receiving the online payment service Paypal and Avatar Kinect soon after.

The documents state that the update will be distributed in six separate installments between May 19th and May 30th to “ensure high quality deployment.”

The updated will support Microsoft’s new disc format (implemented in late 2011) as well as add PayPal support to the console. The addition of PayPal will extend payment options to “new international markets.”

The PayPal option is a pretty good idea since players will now be able to pay for Xbox LIVE services without using their credit card information just in case their network gets hacked into or something *cough* Playstation Network *cough*

In addition to PayPal and the new disc format, Avatar Kinect is going to be enabled on May 27th as a separate download.

Who’s going to make the switch to PayPal when it becomes available? Let us know in the comments.

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