Call of Duty: Black Ops’ First Strike Map Pack Sells 1.4 Million in 24 hours

May 10, 2011, By Christian Davis

Those who claim that Call of Duty is dead really need to get their facts straight. Activision just proved that even without Infinity Ward, they have nothing to worry about and their fan base is still very strong.

The First Strike Map Pack sold 1.4 million copies within a span of 24 hours. With each pack being sold at $15 apiece that’s the equivalent of $21 million in a single day.

Activision Publishing division CEO Eric Hirschberg says is a 20 percent increase over the Stimulus Package DLC offered for Modern Warfare 2. Yes, the general consensus think that $15 is too much for the map pack — consisting of four multiplayer maps and a zombie level — yet, they’re still buying them.

You shouldn’t be surprised that this sold a lot. Call of Duty is only going to get better and with Modern Warfare 3 basically announced, more records will be broken.

Who out there still plays Call of Duty: Black Ops? Did you buy the map pack? Let us know in the comments.

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