Asus Eee PC Variant this June; Looks to be iPad Killer!

May 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever wondered how Asus has managed to stay strong even in the face of competition? A look at the company’s Eee PC strategy could give you some valid answers. As you all know, the company had outed their Eee PC devices at a time when the iPads and other slates continued to rule. The impact of the other tablets proved to be a bit of a pain, and Asus had to go slow with the Eee PC shipments. Statistics reveal the company was able to move just 350,000 netbooks in April after which they were significantly affected by the tablets.

However, Asus is not one player who would want to give up so easily. The company is now lining up a new Eee PC variant and is aiming at a June roll out. Expected to be an iPad killer, the  device would be rolled out as an ultra-budget model priced below $199. That makes things clear, doesn’t it? Asus’ strategy aims at widening the price gap between the Apple iPad and other major brands.

We are yet to get hold of details on the new Eee PC. But, from what we get to know, the device would hide under the hood a dual-core Atom N570 or an AMD Fusion-based processor. In fact, Asus has already started to ship variants of devices that runs AMD – the Eee PC 1215B.

In the meanwhile, Asus has some solace in sales with their notebooks finding customers. They were able to ship 3.1 million notebooks, by the end of Spring. On the other hand, its netbook sales are poised to drop below the 1.3 million mark it shipped in the winter. This is due to the growing popularity of the Apple devices.

One interesting note is that Apple’s devices have been significantly more expensive than a typical netbook at $499, but they still are selling their products in good number. This is due to the longer battery life and the faster subjective performance than the sluggish Atom-based netbooks.

Do you think Asus will be able to stand up competition with their new Eee PC due soon?

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