Emulate Sony PlayStation on Windows!

May 9, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the most popular gaming platforms of all time was the original Sony PlayStation, a compact but extremely powerful device that offered multi-player gaming and pretty much trounced the competition from SEGA and Nintendo.

Many gamers purchased a PlayStation games console to enjoy some of the most memorable titles in gaming history, but as with all platforms it eventually fell by the wayside, replaced by the more powerful PlayStation 2 which thankfully offered backwards-compatibility for the older games.

Emulate Sony PlayStation on Windows!

Something that is common to many videogamers is the “collector gene”. Many gamers are fans of music, fantasy and sci-fi and easily recall facts and figures about their favourite subject. Related to this is the habit of keeping old games, and bemoaning the effort that needs to be exerted in order to get the old PlayStation console out of the attic and setup to play Resident Evil.

Of course, if you’re reading this then you’re already aware of the possibilities of emulating the PlayStation on a Windows PC…

Where Can I Find a PlayStation Emulator?

Probably the best choice for a PlayStation emulator for Windows is pSX, which can be downloaded right here. After downloading, extract the contents of the RAR file into a new folder.

You will also need the PlayStation BIOS file, scph1001.bin which should be saved BIOS folder. Once you have downloaded this, run psxfin.exe to boot your PlayStation emulator!

After the classic PlayStation intro screen you will see the menu offering a choice between a Memory Card and the CD Player. In order to enjoy your PlayStation emulator you will need to have something to play.

This is where the legal stuff starts: if you don’t own any PlayStation games, you shouldn’t be using an emulator, and the same goes for the scph1001.bin BIOS file. If you have purchased an original Sony PlayStation device in the past and have games that you want to play once again, then if you can make an image ROM of the games then go for it. Otherwise you will need to find ROMs for the games you own; choosing other ROMs for games that you don’t own will be a breach of copyright.

Finding and Loading PlayStation ROMs

Probably the best place to head for to find a ROM of your PlayStation title is romhustler.net, where you will find ROMs for many first and second generation console platforms, as well as handhelds.

Browse or search the site for the title you are looking for, and use the download page to get the game you want. Note that as PlayStation titles shipped on CD-ROM, most titles are split into multiple downloads. You will need to have a copy of WinRAR installed in order to extract each download into a single file.

Once extracted, the download should form a CD image file that can then be loaded into pSX, using the File > Insert CD Image menu command. Use File > Configuration > Controllers to configure your keyboard to play the games and enjoy!

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