Alan Wake 2 On The Way?

May 9, 2011, By Christian Davis

One of the best games of 2010 is possibly getting a sequel. Character animator Althea Suarez has the job “In-Game Cinematic” for Alan Wake 2 on her LinkedIn account. That’s really all the info about Alan Wake, but it’s still incredible news.

Althea has worked on some pretty impressive things in the past. Remember the live action Halo: Reach “Deliver Hope” trailer? She worked as a previs artist. Hugh Jackman’s upcoming film Real Steel contains the work of Althea as well.

If we get to play as the flashlight wielding writer any time soon, you can expect the cinematics to be exceptional especially with the animations for character mouths.

Remedy does want an Alan Wake sequel too. Head of  franchise development Oskari Hakkinen said, “We definitely want to do it. We have great ideas for it. I can see [writer Mikko Rautalahti] here twiddling his thumbs with his ideas for Alan Wake 2.”

That’s nothing but good news. Maybe we’ll hear something at this years E3 about the game. Who likes the Alan Wake story and would like it to continue? Let us know in the comments.

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