US Cellular LTE Services to Begin this Holiday Season

May 7, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The upcoming holiday season could be exciting for all  you US Cellular fans out there. The carrier, in union with King Street Wireless, has announced that they will deliver high-speed LTE services and 4G-enabled devices to more than 25 percent of its customers across the two dozen markets in time for the holiday season.

A launch in time for the holiday season would mean that the network would be available by at least the end of November. LTE is designed in such a way that it can deliver several megabits per second both upstream and downstream. But, the speed that individual subscribers enjoy is based on a variety of other factors.

Earlier, Verizon Wireless had said that their LTS network delivers between 5Mbps and 12 Mbps, which is 10 times the average speed of EV-DO and the 3G facility that both Verizon and U.S Cellular use. The speed of US Cellular 4G LTE has not yet been revealed, but it is affirmed that the services will be way faster than the rest.

US Cellular customers equipped with 4G LTE devices and service can access significantly faster data speeds while browsing the web, checking the e-mail, playing games and viewing and streaming videos.

In addition to this, customers who switch to US Cellular will get unique benefits like faster phone upgrades without continuously signing contracts and an opportunity to join the most gratified 4G customers in wireless.

In the beginning stage, the company plans to introduce a portfolio of 4G-enabled devices and will continue to expand its offering through to the next year. In this ever hasty world of ours, let’s wait and watch how good a response the 4G LTE services will receive. What do you think?

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