Verizon HTC Thunderbolt Update Delayed; Carrier Posts ‘Coming Soon’ Note

May 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you own a HTC Thunderbolt then we have for you some disappointing news here. The promised HTC Thunderbolt update has been delayed. If you had been so impatient and had checked out Verizon for the update sometime ago, you might have noticed the advisory which asked you to “check out the support page of the device for details”.

Even that’s gone now. A while ago if you had checked out, you would have been treated with an empty support page. But eventually the page has changed and now reflects a “Coming Soon” message.

To add, we haven’t received word on exactly why the updates have been pushed back. We believe the 4G LTE issues that popped out recently must be cause for delay. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing it arrive sooner rather than later.

Earlier on April 28th, a Xoom update was also cancelled almost the same manner. Verizon had then changed the dates of the release of updates to the 4th of May, but if you check back on their site for the updates you will only find the HRI66 version which excludes the new features.

We are all in a situation of uncertainty, as we wait for the updates to arrive as soon as possible. We can spend our waiting time, discussing on the changes the updates would bring. Please comment on your expectations with the updates.

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