Android Market on Acceleration Mode; Seen Racing Past Apple App Store by August

May 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever wondered where is Apple headed for when it comes to the App Store? In a scenario where the Android Market has stared showing strong signs of a boom, the one to suffer will be the Apple counterpart. And, further adding to the woes is the fact that there has been a slow down in growth at Apple’s App Store of late.

So where does this lead to? Distimo, an app store analytics company, has predicted some awesome growth for the Android market in the coming months. According the analytics firm, Android Market will race past the Apple App Store in size before the end of July 2011. So, that seems like a sure possibility indeed.

As if adding more probability to the Distimo forecast, we also have stumbled upon yet another research firm research2guidance – based out if Germany –  who has forecast the same kind of growth for Android Market vis-à-vis Apple’s App Store. The research company has said that Android Market’s acceleration past the Apple App Store will happen by August 2011.

In a scenario where the Android Market has already started mulling over offering added applications for download and purchase than the App Store, we tend to think the predictions are on the right track. The slowdown now being experienced at the App Store could lend some extra muscle to the Android Market in their quest to be on top.


So treading the forecast path laid out by research2guidance, we need to rest assured that the Android Market will touch 425,000 apps by next August. This should be seen in a scenario where current growth rates for new app uploads have been good.

Statistics state that the Android Market added 28,000 new apps in April 2011, while Apple had only 11,000 new apps. The number will also mean that the App Store may have to make way for the Android Market in terms of size.

It is, in fact, an awesome experience watching things shape up on a firmament that has two majors fighting it out. Let’s wait to see if Apple App Store has hidden ammunition to beat all odds. Do you think they actually do?

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