Verizon HTC Bliss Android Phone Coming; Exclusive Female Handset

May 5, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The ladies out there now have something to feel technologically excited about! Verizon and HTC are planning to bring out a new smartphone before the end of the year for their female customers out there. The smartphone codenamed HTC Bliss is specifically designed for them.

The color theme and applications suggests that it bears a female imprint. Guys at ThisisMyNext have made a mockup image ( posted alongside) of the phone . Likely to be outed in a greenish hue, some calorie counting apps and shopping app facilities are also expected in the ‘female variant’. It may also feature one-click access to social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter and also close integration message facilities.

The handset, expected to run on the Android operating system, is yet to reveal which version it would be sporting. The size of the phone would be approximately half a centimeter thinner than the Desire Z. Though there are indications that it will feature a camera, nowhere does the picture hint of a front-facing shooter.

A wireless charging dock with built-in speakers and the “charm indicator” tops the list accessories. The phone automatically switches to alarm mode as soon as it is put on the charging pad. The charm indicator is nothing, but a cube-shaped device with a hook, which you can easily attach to a purse or bag or the like. With this, you don’t have to worry missing a missed call or message. It lights up to tell you about the same in an instant.

Besides a square-shaped speaker that supports voice recognition, a stylish matching Bluetooth headset make the HTC Bliss all the more attractive.  Are all those male HTC fans now getting envious?

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