TurtleBeach PX5 Headset Review

May 5, 2011, By Christian Davis

Gamers, I have something very important to tell you. I’m a cheater. For the past month I’ve had an unfair advantage over every gamer regardless of skill or expertise; especially when it came to first person shooters. Every single footstep you took, I heard it. Every bullet you shot was heard crystal clear from miles away. Normally, I’d want to apologize, but the thing is I love having an advantage over you. Anyone who happens to own a pair of the snazzy new Turtle Beach PX5 wireless headset will experience exactly what I did.

This is my first time using one of the more expensive, higher end headsets and you can really tell the difference. I’ve owned a lot of headsets in the past and even thought I liked them, nothing even compares to this headset, which I feel is the most technologically advanced headset around.

Boasting 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound, full programmability and Bluetooth Integration, Turtle Beach is trying to make this the last headset you ever get. The Bluetooth integration is one of the coolest features because you can have it connected to the Playstation 3 and your cell phone simultaneously. If a phone call is received, all you have to do is push a button and it will switch over to the phone call. When the call has ended, it will automatically return to the game chat. Nice little touch.

The headset is compatible with the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. All of which are easy to set up even without the instructions. Though, players who have the old Xbox 360 may be in trouble. The headset requires you to have the Optical Digital Cable to work. If not, then you’ll have to purchase the A/V attachment that has it. The transmitter that came with the headset automatically synced with the headphones and even let me know whether I was connected to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or PC verbally. The best range for the headset is around 20 feet which is more than enough for gamers and it even allows for one wired and one wireless headset to use the same transmitter, allowing both players to enjoy the surround sound. The second player even has their own separate volume control.

The best features about this headset are the various presets that you can choose from. This is the main addition that really sets this headset apart from the rest. There are eight presets available when you receive the headset and you have the option to create your own using the PX5 software or download others from Turtlebeach.com. The presets are a big deal with these headphones and six of them incorporate the Dolby Headphone Surround Sound Processing. Here’s a list a description for each preset (* Indicates Surround Sound Processing):

  • Flat – Hear Stereo game sound without effects processing or surround sound.
  • *Dynamic Bass Boost – Increases bass volume and gives a true feel for deep sound effects.
  • *Dynamic Treble Boost – Boosts high frequencies, giving sounds more clarity.
  • *Bass Boost and Treble Boost – Combination of bass and treble boost functions.
  • Stereo Expander – Pushes sounds away to allow for subtle cues to be focused on.
  • *Mid Boost – Centers on sounds in mid range frequencies that would normally be lost due to treble or bass.
  • *Footstep Focus – Reduces other sounds and focuses on enemy movement.
  • *Superhuman Hearing –Boosts low volume sounds so nothing is missed.

Those presets alone make the headset worth it. These were just the alternate presets, so the main preset still incorporates the Dolby surround sound, though, once you’ve used the presets or create your own, you can’t go back.

With the technical side of the headset being very impressive, one of the most crucial parts about purchasing any headset is how comfortable it feels on your head. The headband and earphones have this unbelievably soft, deep fabric cushion on that puts almost no pressure on your ears and head. The microphone is completely adjustable, removable, and sensitive, so you’ll always be heard clearly. No matter what position you have the headset at, it’s always comfortable. Even wearing them around your neck is more comfortable, thanks to the “twist-cup” headphones that lay flat on your shoulders.

The Turtle Beach PX5 headset is essentially perfect. The only issue that could turn away a lot of potential customers is the price. This headset will set you back $249.99. That’s the only issue with these headphones. With all that this comes with however, the package is definitely worth the price if you can afford it.

If you’d like to purchase the Turtle Beach PX5 Headset, head over to the official Turtle Beach Website.

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