Everything you need to know about Brink’s Battlefield

May 5, 2011, By Christian Davis

Bethesda has released yet another educational video about the gameplay of Brink. In today’s class, we learn every detail about the battlefield of Brink. Who wants to go into a fight without knowing what to expect?

The video goes through a plethora of topics. First off, the command posts are discussed. There are three types of command posts: One is located at your spawn, offers no buffs and can’t be captured. The other is located in the field and can be captured by either faction. A captured command post buffs players and increases either your health of supplies.  At higher ranks, operatives can combine abilities to give the command better attributes.

Next up are turrets. The deployable turrets can be placed anywhere on the map and can turn the tide of any fight. Deployment areas are protected by indestructible turrets that will take anyone out if they do not retreat.If happen to favor the operative class, operatives have a couple ways to disable turrets, such as an electro magnetic pulse grenade for example.

Mines in the game are invisible to all players who aren’t operatives. These mines function differently from tradition mines though. When contact is made, there’s a beeping that’s triggered. If the player doesn’t move off the mine while beeping, then it will not explode. However, the opposing team member is stuck on that mine until he either moves (and dies) or a fellow engineer disarms the mine.

Operatives, who see mines can mark them so they’re visible to the entire team. When marked, any teammate can destroy the mine. Having an operative is crucial to keeping teammates safe and infiltrating the enemy stronghold due to the ability to disguise themselves as the opposing team.

You can only take disguise from a dead enemy, but once you do, they will see you as an ally. Operatives in disguise can only move, reload, and spot mines. They can not shoot or interact with objects. Otherwise, their cover will be blown.

Brink just keeps looking better and better. Here’s the video below.

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