Viber for Android Beta Version Promises to Excite; Call & Text Other Android Users for Free!

May 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember we had brought to you the unique story of Viber, the company that had rolled out an app that lets iPhone users make free calls to each other. The Israeli start up is now again hitting headlines with the launch of their long-awaited Viber for Android Beta.

Tipped to be one major  step in bringing in the popular VoIP app to millions of Android users, the new release will enable Android users send free calls/text messages to other Android fans.

Viber  will be introducing several Android-only features in the Beta release. If you are one of those Android users, you can register for the Beta. By doing this, you will also be getting additional invitations that are in the pipeline on a daily basis. The company has stated that the Beta release will support most Android devices. This is what the company said in a statement:

“The application has been tested on over 20 of the most popular devices from Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. However, given the large variety of devices on the market, Viber is relying on the community to help identify devices that may need additional work”.

Remember, this roll out is a Beta version and Viber expects registered users to get back at them so as to fix bugs. This because such irritants can be fixed at the earliest possible time, so that Android users will be assured of receiving the same quality of service now being made available to iPhone users.

Android users on the Viber app will be treated to a full call screen whenever a Viber call is received. This apart, a popup text message notification that will let you respond to text messages without opening Viber and a tighter integration with the phone to allow you to see your regular call logs and messages inside Viber are other notable features.

If that isn’t enough, the app also brings to you the ability to set Viber as your Android device’s default dialer in case you need to use the Viber dialer for all of calls you wish to make. Lovely, isn’t it?

So Android fans, it is your turn now. You will now be able to send text messages to all your Viber contacts for free. You just have to simply select the Viber contact you want to text and hit Free Text Message. And, you are on. We are heading here to register. Join us?

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