Verizon May 12th Plan Makes Us Excited; Four Smartphones on a Single Day!

May 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This month of May seems like turning out to be a good one for Verizon fans. A virtual roadmap is what makes them happy, we guess. On the lookout for the reason behind such a joyous scenario, we have stumbled upon a handful of awesome handsets waiting to arrive on Big Red this month. In case you haven’t known about that as yet, read on.

Everyone knows the May release roadmap of a slew of new devices could bring with it some interesting stuff. It indeed does. So the handsets that are gearing up to charm you on Verizon Wireless are:

  1. Droid X2
  2. LG Revolution,
  3. HTC Trophy and
  4. Xperia Play

We know what you are thinking now. You have all read rumor after rumor that brought you all specs about the three devices. What we have here is a concrete plan, on Verizon. Let’s take a look at it one by one. One aspect common to all the four devices is that all the handset will be released on Verizon on May 12th.

The Droid X2 is most likely to be Verizon’s first ever dual-core Tegra 2 phone. Prior to the release of the device, Verizon marketing personnel have been found to be working overtime so as to pave the path for a smooth arrival of the device. We have found representatives pushing retailers to sell off the remaining inventory of the earlier DX so that the Droid DX2 can take its place.

The second device to come on May 12th on Verizon is the LG Revolution. We needn’t tell you that the device could well be the first Android phone to launch with Netflix support. Further, the device will sport 4G LTE capabilities and is seen as following up on the Droid Charge.

Meanwhile, the  HTC Trophy which is also scheduled for May 12th, may not charm you as the others only a limited release is expected. But them the device has its own expectations as it would be the first Windows Phone 7 device for Verizon.

Sony Xperia Play, the fourth in the pack, is the much anticipated PlayStation Phone will have a nationwide roll out via stores. Confused as to which one to pick? We know you are, as we are also going through the same phase. We are just waiting for the big day, which is just a week away. Tell us your plans for May 12th.

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