New Brink Video Gets Us Ahead of the Class

May 4, 2011, By Christian Davis

Bethesda really wants you to be prepared for Brink when it hits store shelves on May 10th. We’ve got another educational video from their Get SMART series; this time, discussing the game’s various classes.

The Soldier, Medic, Engineer, and the Operative are the four classes available to the players. Each works differently from one another and all have their advantages.

The soldier is responsible for the destruction objectives. Planting bombs at designated locations for teams to progress is crucial and soldiers are valuable assets to the team. Soldiers can see their teammates ammunition count and distribute ammo to their team as well.

Operatives have the ability to hack objects with their PDA. This includes enemy turrets as well, which could really turn the tides of a match. As an operative, you also have the ability to disguise yourself as the enemy team and infiltrate their base.

Engineers build and repair objects in the game. They can place down turrets, remove enemy explosives, and even buff their teammates weapons. Engineers are also fairly defensive thanks to the ability to plant mines.

The last class is the medic. Healing teammates and reviving downed allies is crucial for the team. If you’re in trouble, then you’ll need to have a good medic handy.

Brink really has all the bases covered when it comes to character classes. For example, if you happen to not have a certain class on your team, the command post will notify everyone and make switching to a certain class an objective. The command post also tells players how many of each class is present which is a big help to really organized teams.

Check out the video below. Who’s getting Brink when it releases on May 10th? Let us know in the comments.

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