Mass Effect 3 Delayed Until 2012

May 4, 2011, By Christian Davis

Oh no! The world truly is coming to an end. The game that a large majority of gamers were waiting for, Mass Effect 3, has been delayed until the “first three months” of 2012.

Executive producer Casey Hudson addressed fans on the game’s official forums, writing, “The development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations.”

Of course, we’d all rather them take their time and give us a fantastic game, but it’s bittersweet. However, this is also good for Bioware. There’s a lot of big titles coming out this fall and this basically gives the first quarter of 2012 to dedicate solely to Mass Effect. It’d be horrible to have to choose between Batman: Arkham Asylum, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Mass Effect 3.

So before you go and curse Bioware, think of delays as a way to make sure that the fans get what they deserve and no go home disappointed. Since Mass Effect 3 won’t be under our Christmas trees, what games are you going to be playing instead?

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