Motorola EX130 Feature Phone Leaks; Dual Screen Device

May 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Want to take a break from the usual stuff pouring in from all quarters. Other innovations too exist in the world, folks. Okay, check this one out. Here, is the EX130 which is not yet officially released by Motorola. The most interesting feature with this phone is the dual screen design it flaunts.

The EX130 comes with a main screen of 2.8 inches width that has a resolution of 320×240. However, the device is designed with yet another thinner strip-like display on the bottom of the main display. This OLED screen on the bottom has a resolution of 96×16.

Both screens are independent in a way since they display different content at a time. The bottom screen is used for displaying updates and scrolling feeds of important data with ease of access. The major screen, at the same time can be used for some other purposes, say playing a game.

However, since Motorola is yet to come up with the details of the phone officially, we haven’t got a lot more about the specs of the phone. Like many other feature phones, this device runs on the Qualcomm Brew MP Operating System. But no clue on which network it will be launching. We are also yet to find out if it is meant for GSM or CDMA networks either.

However, since it is a feature phone, we expect it will be handy for the budget section as far as the pricing is concerned.

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