Rebirth of the Courier; Tappose App Can Make Your iPad a Dual Screen Slate

April 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here are some questions for you. Ever heard of a dual screen tablet? Ever heard of a tablet turning into an app? If your answer is yes for both the questions, you may skip this post. If not, read on.

In an interesting turn of events, one of the tablets showcased at CES 2010 has now turned into an app. Shocked? Okay, not exactly in its complete meaning, but at least in the end user experience.

It was at the last edition of CES that Microsoft showed off a slate with dual screens and it was dubbed the Courier. But later on, when Microsoft announced that they are not planning to go into the production stage for this cute tablet, almost everyone thought the world lost a unique dual screen tablet. Not to worry. A group of engineers have come up with a slate app called Tappose which can virtually turn every tablet into a Courier tablet, though without the Stylus capability.

In simpler way, the Tapose app just divides your slate screen into two independent screens capable of carrying out different tasks simultaneously. Say, if you are watching a movie on one portion, you can just keep on chatting with a friend on the other.

These dual screens are permeable since users can even drag and drop things from one portion to another. The app is right now is in its alpha form and is developed for the Apple iPad. However, they are planning an Android version too if the iOS version is well received. Probably, the tablet-turned app  will hit the markets in late summer only.

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