HTC Rider Spotted in the Wild; European Version of HTC EVO 3D?

April 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new leaked picture from the HTC camp hints that HTC has many an Android device getting ready at their labs. Dubbed HTC Rider, the smartphone is rumored to be similar to HTC EVO 3D in looks. If the leak is taking us for a ride or the Rider is a real thing, we don’t know yet.  However, the rumor mills around HTC argue that the chances of such a device existing cannot be faint.

Though it seems similar to the HTC EVO 3D at first look, the HTC Rider has a chrome grill over the ear piece. Moreover, HTC Rider has a front facing camera to the right.

As with usual other picture leaks, this one too is a very low-quality blur shot which makes it difficult for us to get zero in on the details. The phone in the image seems to have a red body, but we are not sure if it is just a protective case or the real body color. If so, we are pretty sure that many will be getting their hands on the new device.

There are folks who believe that the HTC Rider is indeed the European version of HTC EVO 3D. Though HTC officials are tight lipped on the chances of rolling out a different version of HTC EVO 3D for the European continent, we cannot just dump this assumption as mere speculation.

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