White iPhone 5 Image Spotted; Is it Really the Next White Version of the Apple Device?

April 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A good lot of stuff flowing out of the Apple labs tends to be rumors these days. Specs, possible launch dates and everything being spoken about have been just grapevine talk – almost often, that is . As we explore more into the year 2011; we are meeting more and white iPhone rumors every day hinting that a real picture is somewhere near. This too is a picture story. But then, here we have word on the next version – the white variant of the iPhone 5!

Claimed to be the new white version of the iPhone 5, a device has surfaced to surprise us. The picture denies a lot of the rumors in the past while confirming many as true. If the new leak is anything to believe, the white iPhone 5 will have a bigger display, mostly edge to edge as we heard in the earlier grapevine. However, the picture gives no clue about the rounded back that we heard of.

However, the device in the picture has subtle but noticeable differences between the existing iPhone 4 devices with changes in the location of the sensor and the wider screen. But before jumping to any conclusion, let us remind you that this could well be a Photoshop tweak.

Or may be, this could even be a prototype of the white iPhone 4 that the Cupertino major has been sending to developers. We will keep our eyes open so as to update you on any further stuff on that . Stay tuned.

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