Verizon HTC Trophy Windows Phone Appears on Best Buy Website; Pulled in a Jiffy!

April 28, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This might put an end to those many rumors that have been flying thick and fast. The HTC Trophy Windows Phone riding the Verizon carrier waves made a brief appearance on Best Buy’s website. However the page on the website is no longer to be seen. The sudden appearance – even though it could have been a mistake – makes us believe that the device will be launched soon.

The snapshots of the page have been let out by guys at  Pocket Now who managed to acts in time. As you are aware, we have been fed with rumors pouring in from all around suggesting the handset’s possible landing on Verizon Wireless. But the carrier has not made any official statement regarding this till date.

If you would remember, a Verizon branded HTC Trophy was leaked in early March. The device was then pictured in wild wearing the Verizon logo, and that had made us think the launch would happen within weeks. But nothing happened so far. In the meantime, you may want to look at the smartphone’s specs here.

HTC Trophy was listed for $599.99 without any Verizon Wireless subsidy. The shown amount is probably a placeholder until an official price is announced. Let’s wait to know more on that.

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