Avid Tweeters Quit Relationships Earlier than Others

April 27, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What’s common to a tweet and a date? Both sound similar to some extent, right? It’s not just the rhyme that makes them tread along side each other.

But let’s take a deeper look at the aspects that rule the tweet and dating world. A study by website OkCupid claims that tweeting and dating has a lot of connections, indeed.

Based on the data collected from some 833,987 OkCupid users, the website found that hardcore tweeters are more likely to have shorter relationships than others.

Though the study doesn’t come up with an exact cause-effect relation between tweeting habit and shorter relations, it has found some interesting patterns of web activity and social life style of its users.

The part of the study that focuses on the relation between social networking based on microblogging services like Twitter and the average length of relationships reveals that active tweeters tend to have shorter relationships in their personal life. As per the study, the tendency increases with the age of the user increases.

In a comparative analysis of those who use Twitter frequently and those who do not, the dating website has found that the average relationship of an 18-year-old avid Twitter user is just nine-months long, while it is half a month more for others.

However, when the subject is a 50-year-old frequent tweeter, he or she tends to have a relationship of 15 months in average.

A non-frequent Twitter user of the same age has a better record of 17 months of relationship on an average. But the study is not really sure as to how tweeting makes people quit relations comparatively earlier. It also does not make it clear if the trend is more found in males or females either.

The study presents some similar odd stuff related to tweeting and sexual activity. As per the study, avid tweeters are more likely to masturbate. By analyzing data from 21,315 users aged between 18 to 24 years, the dating website claims that the habit of masturbating is more frequent in frequent Twitter users than everyone else.

It has a truck load of non-Twitter statistics related to sexual preference among its users. For example, by comparing the GDP of the regions and the interest of the users from there for casual sex, the website claims that users from high GDP regions are more likely to looking for casual sex.

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