White iPhone 4 at Best Buy This Wednesday; Apple Yet to Confirm Arrival

April 26, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

iFans, here comes the device you were waiting for! The wait for the much-elusive white hued iPhone 4 from the Apple stables is now waning. This Wednesday (April 27th) Best Buy will start retailing the device. We know many of you are wondering why there’s too much hype about the white version of the iPhone 4, at a juncture when the iPhone 5 is getting ready to hit stores later this year.

But still, some among you would want to buy the iPhone 4 white version. If you are one among them, do drop in at the Best Buy outlets starting this Wednesday. A new inventory screenshot from Best Buy states that the retailer will be stocking the 32GB White iPhone 4 on April 27th. It is also being said that apart from the 32GB version, the 16GB version will also be made available along side.

However, even as the Best Buy inventory makes us excited, we are left wondering as to why Apple has not made any official announcement regarding the availability of iPhone 4 white variant at the retailer. April 27th is just a day away, and if we go by Best Buy’s version we need to expect the iOS maker to make the official confirmation anytime now.

All said, we tend to expect a very little number of people to turn up to buy the white iPhone 4 simply because the iPhone 5 is on the way. Tell us if you are going for the whilte iPhone 4.

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