iOS4 Devices ‘Do Not Track Any One’; Apple CEO Steve Jobs Rubbishes Findings

April 26, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A few days ago we brought you news of Apple iOS4devices tracking user locations and keeping it in an unencrypted database file inside devices. The din and bustle of that revelation haven’t yet died down as you know. However Apple CEO Steve Jobs has completely denied the finding by a group of researchers that Apple is tracking user location. ‘We do not track any one”, he has stated.

Steve Jobs made this short but firm denial of the allegation as ‘false’ news. In a mail sent to Steve Jobs, a user who said that he has no other option left than switching to an Android device if the Apple is not ready to shed more light into the matter. Answering concerns of a this user who was worried about his iPhone tracking his location, Jobs has stood his ground rubbishing the piece of info that has already filled the web and newspaper columns.

Jobs has also turned the tables of the game by saying that Android devices do record the position data. Ever thought about that? It has already been revealed that Android also collects location data from the users.

However, the case is very much different since the system itself wipes the data base regularly and the database is limited to a smaller list of locations.

Bombarded with the questions on tracking and related privacy issues, Apple has tried to wriggle out of the chaos by saying that users can turn off the location services and that such services always asks for user permission before recording any location data.

However, another investigation into this claim by the iPhone maker revealed that the location data recorder is on by default and even when the location specific services of a device were manually turned off and moved from point to point; it was found that the device was still recording the location data. What do you have to say, Steve?

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