Nintendo Announces Wii Successor for 2012 Plus Possible Wii 2 Controller Leak

April 25, 2011, By Christian Davis

Today Nintendo officially announced that their next console will be at our homes in 2012. If you’re wondering if this announcement cleared the rumor fog that surrounding the upcoming system, then I’ll just go ahead and tell you right now. No.

I’m fairly sure Nintendo is trying to keep the actual design under-wraps. The best part about this announcement is that the console will be playable at this years E3. That should excite any gamer because we’ll get to see the consoles graphic capabilities, the controller, and hopefully some brand new original ideas.

Even though there was no official reveal of the console and controller, another “leak” showed up today. This time Nintendo’s controller is in discussion. has a new image of the possible controller for the new console. The controller resembles the classic NES controller, but with curved edges. There’s a touch screen in the center with buttons on the right and the d-pad on the left.

GameRant goes on to state that the latest controller image(shown above) is considerably different from the old leaked image(shown below). The older version is almost like an upgraded version of the Gamecube’s controller.

What do you guys think of these controller designs? Let us know in the comments.

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