UAE4Droid – Amiga Emulation on Android

April 23, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There are many different emulators for the Android platform, allowing you to access the vast majority of games from 1980-1995 and a good deal more since.

This series of articles on gaming emulation on Android is focussing in turn on a single different type of device (for instance 8-bit computer, 16-bit console, etc.) and with this article we turn our attention to the Amiga 500 emulator, UAE4Droid, available free from the Android Market.

Using this app in conjunction with an OS ROM and an application or game ROM, you’ll be able to enjoy once again the heady days of more-than-16-colour gaming from the mid-1980s to mid-1990s!

UAE4Droid - Amiga emulation on Android

Installing and Setting Up UAE4Droid

Installing this app is the easy part – head to the Android Market, search for UAE4Droid and download and install. The emulator is free, and will work better on devices with 1 GHz Snapdragon processors. If you’re using an LG Eve, for instance, think again.

When you first launch UAE4Droid, you will see the Configure button – this is used for finding and attaching operating system ROMs and game ROMs.

You need to provide your own OS ROM for UAE4Droid, just as you would have inserted the Kickstart disk on an old Amiga computer. You will need to pay for this particular ROM, by visiting

Once you have found a ROM and saved it to your Android phone, you will need to start looking for games. The best way of doing this is to head to the Android Market, search for “amiga roms” and take advantage of a free ROM app such as DroidEmu ROM Get.

This tool is designed to help you find and download to your Android phone or tablet the correct ROMs for your emulation needs.

As with all emulation, remember to restrict yourself to ROMs that you already own in their original form. Not doing this will be committing a breach of copyright.

Finding and Using ROMs Found with DroidEmu ROM Get

With DroidEmu ROM Get installed, launch the app and find your emulation type. Obviously you’re looking for Amiga ROMs, so select this and find the title you’re looking for. Click the one you want, tap Download and then wait for the data to arrive on your Android device.

Once this has finished, open UAE4Droid, return to Configure and tap ROM Location to browse your Android phone for the Amiga Kickstart ROM. You will then need to repeat the action for the Floppy disk images that comprise the downloaded game ROM; these are often zipped up, so use a program like ASTRO file manager to unzip the contents of your game ROM before adding as a disk in UAE4Droid. Add each ADF file to a different disk slot.

Other options exist in UAE4Droid for altering the software joystick size and layout, the screen size and even setting custom hardware controls using the Physical Controls menu item!

Hundreds of classic Amiga titles are available for you to use with UAE4Droid on your Android phone, expanding the gaming possibilities with some of the greatest retro titles of all time!

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