Twitter’s TweetDeck Take Over Could Make API Developers Smile

April 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter wants to make a push to their stands in the rapidly emerging social networking scenario by acquiring potential Twitter-based apps while fighting with some other. Like Google, Twitter also is in an acquisition spree of tweet apps for hefty sums.

Talks are on between Twitter officials and the UK based developers of TweetDeck, a leading desktop application which helps you to access real time social information network. Though not much used by the usual folks, TweetDeck is a favorite among hackers and businessmen alike. Unofficial market circles say that Twitter may go for an acquisition deal of even up to the tune of $50 million.

However, Twitter’s relationship with third party applications was never a smooth one. The company well remembers when it went to take up another application – Tweetie – last year. It was a less prospective deal which later made even the top brass to admit that the company “was screwed up”.

However, the fighting version of Twitter with third party applications is exemplified with its move against UberMedia, an initiative from Silicon Valley entrepreneur Bill Gross. The first run in between the two happened last year when UberMedia announced a plan to run an advertising platform based around tweets.

To push UberMedia’s plans to doom, Twitter announced their own similar plans clearly indicating that they will not entertain third party applications running their own advertising programs. Moreover, Twitter had switched off two of UberMedia’s Twitter apps in February saying that they were violating the terms of the company.

The duel is on. Bill Gross is said to be working keenly on an information network, possibly based on micro-blogging, trying to give tough competition to Twitter. Interestingly, Gross was also in talks with the UK-based app developer of TweetDeck  for a possible takeover. However, a decision never surfaced.

Anyone may take over TweetDeck, however, it will give them a potential advantage over their competitor with control over a powerful tool of microblogging and social networking integration. However, the acquisition when it takes off, will send out a positive message to the developers who often had a bitter relation with Twitter.

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