Rumor: Wii HD Image Leaked?

April 22, 2011, By Christian Davis

Now with all this Wii 2/Wii HD info coming out, it should come as no surprise that this new console will have a leak or two. Gamertag Radio happened to come across an image uploaded via TinyPic that show’s what could potentially be a sneak peak at Nintendo’s upcoming console.

The upper half of a sleek black box with rounded corners is all that’s shown of the product(shown below) along with some details about it to it’s side. The words are a tad blurry, but here’s what we can make out:

Project Café is simply the most developed friendly SDK the industry has ever seen. Deliver unparalleled next generation performance at current generation cost…it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Easy portability  from PC, Xbox 360.

Anytime live update past release.

Integrated M-Live framework.


Yes the it does look like a bit like an external hard drive, and even the top half of a cell phone. This could be a development kit for the console or just a fake that someone made.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

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