Rumor: Kinect Star Wars will have Pod Racing, Rancor Stomping, and Lightsaber combat(of course)

April 22, 2011, By Christian Davis

E3 2010 showed a lot of cool games in development, but one of the standouts was the Kinect Star Wars trailer. The player controlled a Jedi via Kinect and went through several droid battles until the final conclusion with Darth Vader.

That’s all most of us wanted anyways right? A lightsaber motion control game. It just makes perfect sense. What we thought was only a lightsaber themed game may be a whole lot more than that. Kotaku received a game survey and coupled with that were story boards that  revealed some unreleased gameplay mechanics such as controller free pod racing.

As cool as that sounds, there were also illustrations of players riding on top of Star Wars’ behemoth Rancor. Combine that with player vs player lightsaber battles and you’ve got a game that could sell very well on the Kinect.

The big question is whether or not this will be a combination of mini games or will it try to have some sort of single player experience that we could all look forward to.

What do you guys think of Kinect Star Wars game? Let us know in the comments below.

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