Manually Install the Android Market

April 22, 2011, By Christian Cawley

With the Android Market your mobile computing experience can be considerably enhanced by the variety of apps that are available to download. Some are free, some are paid, and many are useless, but the vast majority can improve your Android experience, whether you use a phone or tablet.

Well in most cases anyway. Many android tablets ship without access to the Android Market, limiting your options for new apps to various browser-based Market alternatives or the preinstalled third party market suggested by your Android tablet manufacturer.

If your Android tablet doesn’t feature version 2.2 of the operating system, then you can kiss goodbye to expecting access to the Android Market unless you’re prepared to either manually install it or spend a bit of time looking for a new version of the operating system specifically built for your device.

Manually install the Android Market

Finding a New ROM for Your Android Tablet

Only the upcoming Android Honeycomb operating system is approved by Google for use on tablets, which means that many tablet suppliers have been dropping access to the Market because the devices aren’t supposed to be accessing the service. There is no reason that this drawback should affect you, however.

The first alternative is to find a new ROM for your particular Android tablet and flash this onto your device.

This might sound like a case of “easier said than done” but in actual fact you should be able to find a suitable replacement ROM designed specifically for your device from at least one online community,

Obviously what is available will depend on your tablet and its capabilities, but the problem of purchasing a tablet and finding that it doesn’t have access to the official Android Market is a common one.

Manually Install the Android Market

The simplest way around a missing Android Market app on your tablet is to install it yourself. There are various ways of doing this, and again you might need to head to an online community that features other people that own the same Android tablet as you.

However the best overall solution is to use your Android tablet browser to head to this link:

While this download might not suit all Android tablets, this should certainly help with a large proportion of the pre-Honeycomb devices.

Once downloaded to your tablet, the APK file will need to be run, so drag the notification bar down and tap the completed download. This will install the Android Market on your tablet, and provide you with a version that is appropriate to you version of Android.

Having the Android Market available to use on your tablet will completely change the way you use your device, so unless you’re happy with a handful of preinstalled apps that don’t really do an awful lot, installing the Market app and opening yourself up to a world of fantastic apps is well worth doing!

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