Make Voice Calls with Skype for Android!

April 21, 2011, By Christian Cawley

You’ve got a mobile phone, it features the Android mobile operating system, and it basically rocks. So why would you need to use Skype?

Well the most obvious reason is to keep you connected with your network, your people, whether by text chat or voice chat. After all, Skype has become an increasingly important tool in the digital age, used to collaborate online, chat with people on the other side of the planet across the Internet and thanks to its video chat capabilities, Skype is a great way of staying in touch with remote friends and family.

So with an official Skype app available for Android, staying connected on this exciting chat network is now easier than ever. As a freelancer I do a lot of communicating with various contacts for work purposes, and while I’m tied to my desk most of the time, having access to Skype on my Android means I am able to stay connected when I head out.

How to call from Skype with Android

Get Skype on Android Phones and Tablets

A quick search of the Android Market will soon reveal the Skype app, which can be downloaded and installed to devices running Android 2.1 or later (although the Samsung Galaxy S requires Android 2.2).

After installation, Skype will be ready to use. You will of course require a Skype account in order to use the service, and this can be performed on launching the app via the Create an account button, where you will need to agree to the Skype terms of use before sharing your personal details, email address and selecting a Skype username. The username is important, as this is how people can find you (along with the email address and your name).

When you’re ready to sign in, Skype will be available for you to make and receive calls to and from your mobile device, although do remember that it cannot be used for emergency calls.

Meanwhile if you’re a tablet owner, a hands-free headphone and mic combo should be ideal for chatting on Skype.

Voice and Text Chat with Skype

Thanks to the Skype app, you can now save a lot of money on mobile phone bills by making all of your calls via the network’s voice chat system, which allows you to pay a monthly subscription (or pre-pay) to make calls to landlines and mobile phones. You’ll get a good idea of the current prices by visiting

Placing a call on your Android phone is simple – just visit the Call tab, tap the dial field and enter an international phone number, tap Call and listen for the line ringing!

If you don’t have any voice chat calls that you want to make, or are not interested in paying for phonecalls, use the free text and voice chat service that Skype provides for its users, which allows you to chat by text as you would on a service such as Windows Live or Yahoo! or have chat with a microphone or headset with other Skype users

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