HTC ChaCha Facebook Phone Coming to T-Mobile UK This June

April 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook phones from HTC have been a fascination for both smartphone lovers and social networking folks all over the globe ever since they were displayed at the last Mobile World Congress. One among them, dubbed HTC ChaCha, a full QWERTY keyboard phone with exclusive Facebook button was a hit at the HTC pavilion at the MWC.

Since then, the launch date of the phone has been a matter of concern for all of us. Giving us all some amount of hope, T-Mobile UK has posted a ‘coming soon’ page for the device.

Though, it was earlier known that the phone will hit the network during the second quarter of the year, we have now got a more concrete time frame for the launch. HTC ChaCha will be surfacing on the network in June itself.

However, ChaCha is the only phone which has got such a treatment from the British carriers. We haven’t got any clear information about HTC Salsa, another most sought Facebook phone from HTC.

The dedicated Facebook button on these Android 2.3 phones comes as part of HTC’s attempts to woo customers who cannot part with the social network friends, like what they tried to do earlier with their Friends Stream service.

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