Enjoy Comics on Android with ComiXology

April 21, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Thanks to the recent update to the Android Market that allows apps to take in-app payments for goods, you can now enjoy a wide variety of new content from books and magazines to videos and music on your Android phone or tablet.

Particularly perfect for use on a tablet is ComiXology, the Android version of the popular iOS online digital comic store.

Designed to allow you to enjoy digital comics on your tablet computer, ComiXology features titles from Archie, DC, Dark Horse and Image, although Marvel are yet to engage in any sort of activity along these lines, preferring to keep a tight rein on any digital versions they release thanks to the activities of comic pirates and the effect that this has had on the industry in the past few years.

Using ComiXology you can get some brilliant comic book adventures downloaded to your Android device ready for your enjoyment. Best viewed on a tablet, ComiXology requires a free account to be setup to download and enjoy free and paid for comic content, but however much you spend, this app is worth every penny.

Enjoy comics on Android with ComiXology

Setup a ComiXology Account

Easy to use and very enjoyable, you can set up a ComiXology account after finding and installing the free app in the Android Market.

With the app running, press the Android menu button and select Account. If you prefer to sign-up for an account at comixology.com in your web browser you can – otherwise, tap Register and enter your username, password and preferred email address, then tap Create Account.

Now that you have a ComiXology account setup, you will be ready to start browsing and downloading comics from the store! Some are free, others are premium and you can gain full access to all titles by using the search and browse features in the store.

Navigating a downloaded comic is easy – tap on the right of the page to advance, tap on the left to flick back a page, and tap at the bottom to view the status menu.

Search, Browse and Buy Comics in ComiXology for Android

While the Featured tab lists Featured, Just Added and Free titles, the Store tab provides a search tool and a browser for finding comics by genre, series, creator and publisher, popularity and even by storyline.

Finding a title that you like might take a bit of time, which is why ComiXology offers free digital downloads if issue #1 and issue #0 of several titles. These can be used as great tasters, and you can find a full list of free titles on the Featured > Free tab. DC Universe’s Countdown to Infinite Crisis issue #1 is available free, for instance, and apart from looking great on an Android tablet this offers a way of testing how good the app is for reading comics.

With ComiXology you can purchase digital comics as well as print comics, and the Buy In Print button listed on the listing for each comic will allow you to find a nearby stockist by zip code.

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