Call of Duty:Black Ops DLC “Escalation” Trailer

April 20, 2011, By Christian Davis

Black Ops fans have been in heaven with the constant stream of DLC for Treyarch’s latest game. We’ve now got the first trailer for Black Op’s latest map pack “Escalation.”

The new DLC will come with 5 maps total, four are multiplayer maps and the other a brand new Nazi Zombies map. Zoo, Hotel, Convoy, and Stockpile are the four extremely varied maps.

“Zoo” takes place in a deserted soviet zoo. It features a monorail that you can traverse and it will go through the entire map. Giving a vantage point to anyone who decides to utilize it.

“Hotel” is inspired by the vistas in Havana. It’s a dated looking hotel with a lot of paths and passage ways for flanking along with a casino area that tight quartered and run and gun players will love. There’s even an elevator players can take to get to higher ground. It’s pretty cool.

“Convoy” is an old school Americana locale with a motel and diner that really makes the map feel like it’s from the 60’s and 70’s era. An American convoy was ambushed by Russian soldiers on a long freeway. Snipers will love this elongated straight path.

“Stockpile” is a snowy village that has the most diversity in terms of gameplay. There’s a building in the center of this Cold War style type of map is the heart of the level. This level requires a lot of team coordination due to an automated garage door that leads to a crucial area of the level. Keep control of that and your team will see a lot of victories.

The trailer doesn’t show any footage from the zombie map, but you can expect it to be just a cool as the others we’ve seen in the past.

Here’s the trailer for the Escalation Map Pack below. It will be available on the Xbox 360 May 3rd. Who’s excited for the map pack? Let us know in the comments.

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