New RAGE Screenshots are Incredible

April 19, 2011, By Christian Davis

The dirty, dusty, deadly world of RAGE is actually quite gorgeous. Bethesda and id are going to have the best looking game of 2011. The first person adventure title is a combination of Fallout and Borderlands, but looks ten times better.

In the screenshots there are goblins who are just dying to kill you in the most brutal fashion. We get an up-close look at the adrenaline pumping vehicles that we get to traverse the deadly terrain with. Now, we’ve got an image of a new threat.

They’re called the Authority and they are going to be formidable foes. Dressed in hight tech armor and armed to the teeth. Given their advanced technology and name, they could be the ones controlling everyone and holding them back. They’re also wearing red, and that’s usually associated with evil doers.

RAGE is set to release later this year and it’s a day one buy for me. Who else out there is excited for the game? Let us know in the comments below while you enjoy the screenshots.

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