Microsoft Press Conference E3 2011

April 19, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

This will be Microsoft’s seventh year with the Xbox 360 at E3. Microsoft will be hosting their press conference at the Galen Center home of the USC Trojans June 6th 9AM PST.


Details concerning an upgraded Xbox, new accessories, more Kinect integration, or new Dashboard applications have not been released. We don’t really know what Microsoft has in store for us but we know it’s going to be a huge event. Microsoft might be hinting that they will be taking a more active role in videogames by hosting their press conference at the Galen Center. Both Microsoft and Sony have their press conferences confirmed at different sport arenas and now we are waiting to see what Nintendo has in store.  Invites for Microsoft’s press conference were sent out early this week and seats are filling up quickly. You can still RSVP to the event today and attempt to be there as Microsoft unfolds a new line of products and projects.

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