Apple iPhone 5 Rumors Have a Field Day; Qualcomm-Powered Device Said to Sport 8MP Camera

April 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gossip mongering has made the iPhone 5 a much-sought after device even before it is here. There are loads of rumors surrounding the arrival of the device, with every passing day bringing about at least one such news.  However, most of the rumors lack any official backing. Here we take a look at the goings on at the rumor mills, and the amount of iPhone 5 rumors they bring about.

One new rumor regarding the forthcoming device from Apple speaks of an 8 megapixel camera, a dual-network antenna as well as minor redesign that are to be incorporated into Apple’s next-gen iPhone.

There are also other speculations that tend to rule the iPhone fan’s mind. New specifications that could come with the device are popping up every now and then. We need to wait until the official confirmation to chisel out the facts from false news.

What entices us are certain hints that could be considered as confirmation regarding the specs. This particular info on the iPhone 5 comes from supply chain sources. They have confirmed many of the rumors we’ve been hearing for some time – especially the one we heard a couple of weeks ago.

The talk of incorporation of an 8MP camera is worth approving than the report of Apple featuring a 3D camera in the iPhone 5. As you know, the iPhone 4 has a 5MP camera.

Speculations also have it that the phone would hold within itself a Qualcomm baseband for both GSM and CDMA models, indicating support for two networks –  AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

We also get to hear that the design of the upcoming 5th edition would not be different from that of the iPhone 4. It is also rumored that mass production of the device would not begin until September.

That is not all, if you thought so. We have also come across grapevine talk that predict the specs and release date of iPhone 5. Stay tuned as the rumor mills make hay under the iPhone 5 sun.

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