I’m a Road Warrior with an Android Tablet

April 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There is every danger when travelling that you might leave something behind. If you have ever gone on holiday and forgotten a razor or perhaps some medication then you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Similarly, travelling for work with a notebook, phone and the relevant power connectors is something that can regularly descend into chaos (and has done for this contributor on a number of occasions).

This week I’m embarking on an interesting trip to meet up with a business contact, a journey that will see me travel a good 80 miles from home. Thanks to my work as a freelance writer there is no chance that I can skip work, which means that I’ll be taking it with me and working on my new Android tablet.

Although a relatively short journey, the reason for travelling early is to make sure I get the seat I want. First class options aren’t available on this journey, which means a seat with a power supply for my phone and tablet isn’t guaranteed.

Take your Android tablet on the road

A DeviceMAG Android Tablet Challenge

What I would like to do this week is present our DeviceMAG readers with the following set of details and then report back in a few days’ time explaining just how well the experience went.

On Tuesday morning, UK time, I’ll be setting out and taking an early train in order to make sure I get a seat with a table and taking advantage of a new Android tablet. For my Internet connection I’ll be using an Android 2.2 phone as a Wi-Fi router whenever public wireless access is unavailable, and I’ll be using the following Android apps on the tablet:

In the event of issues with the largely cloud-based My Docs app, I’ll also be taking a notepad and pen!

What Could Go Wrong?

There are several aspects of this journey that could prove problematic. One key problem is the inability to get a suitable seat on the train; the one hour journey has plenty of stops, however, and knowing the trip and city where the meeting is held (York, England) I should be able to make up any time lost on the train by heading for a suitable café with wireless Internet on arrival.

I’ve already used totalhotspots.com to plan potential hotspot use, which should see me suitably installed until the meeting at 12 noon.

Another issue is the possibility of running out of juice. My current tablet – an Advent VEGA – has a battery life of up to 16 hours, although this naturally depends on usage. I’ll probably be disabling Wi-Fi for the majority of the time I’m away from a power supply, and leaving my mobile phone to deal with the bulk of emails I receive.

When I check back later in the week (Wednesday) what I hope to illustrate is how easy/difficult it is to get through a single days work in a strange location using the barebones of my usual arsenal of technology.

Wish me luck!

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