Apple iPad Triggers Decline of PCs; Reveals Gartner Study

April 18, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, if you are a regular reader of our posts, you may wonder how less we write about PCs these days. In fact, it is not our bias. The PC era is on the wane. Hey, wait, it’s not just our opinion. A recent study from Gartner has revealed that the PC shipments are declining year by year. And, the reason? Nothing but the rise of tablets like iPad.

Now take a detailed look. According to the figures in the recent Gartner study, the total shipment of PCs world over touched 84.3 million units in the first quarter of 2011. The figure proves that the shipments decreased by 1.1 percent from that in the first quarter of the last year. Moreover, it is the first year-on-year decline in the PC market in six quarters.

While this is the world scenario, the US PC market seems to be more affected with the competition from the umpteen slates entering the market. The PC shipments in the US fell by 6.1 percent in the first quarter making it lead the trend world over.

Gartner has put forward a simple reason for the decline – poor demand for consumer PCs. Though the PCs are now offered at very less rates, a majority of the users have dumped the PCs for media tablets like iPad.

Interestingly, the study went a step further to find out that the launch of iPad2 in February has made many consumers to switch to an alternative device to PC, or just made them pause their plan to purchase a PC.

Going by the individual causalities of this fall of PCs in the market, Acer is the worst hit with a decline of 12.2 percent in its year-to-year growth while its market share fell to 12.9 percent. In the US, it had a 24.9 percent fall in its year-to-year growth. HP also had bad figures world over with a 3.4 percent decline in its PC shipments.

The reason for the pathetic performance of Acer is mainly caused by the tough competition posed by the media tablet devices to Acer’s mini-notebook products.

However, Apple reaped a good harvest during the same period. The iPad maker grew 18.9 percent in the quarter. It has steadily increased its market share from a 7.3 percent to 9.3 percent, as per the study.

Tell us what you feel about the revelations. Do you think  the personal computer is passe?

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