Apple iPad behind Unemployment in America? Do You Also Think So?

April 18, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

America’s economy is struggling; the country is demanding high taxes, pressure on the everyday person is increasing and so is unemployment. Look what Republican Jesse Jackson Jr has found out! The reason for this downturn, according to him, is the Apple iPad!!

We stumbled upon this video (posted below) that has Jesse Jackson blaming Apple and their iOS tablets for eliminating thousands of American jobs. As of now, stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders are closing down because they no one needs to go to stores anymore to read or buy books.

All would rather download it onto their Apple iPads. To add to the woes, even schools have abandoned using textbooks for teaching and are clinging on to the next-gen iPads. This will result in the loss of publishing company jobs, it has been forewarned.

The Republican is also into efforts aimed at studying the effects of the Apple iPad. But one question leaves us wondering! Should one really blame Apple’s innovation for the skyrocketing unemployment rates in America? We leave it to you to think about it. How about you find out if this is true and let us know!

Interestingly, Jesse Jackson Jr., owns an iPad and had only last month promoted the Apple iPad and Amazon on the House floor.

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