Apple iOS 5 Devices to Get Flash-Supported Browsing

April 18, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Adobe Flash player is something which you can not live without, if you are web savvy. But, then what about the iOS device owners where Apple never allowed Flash? Well, they too are going to get the Flash player enabled browsing support despite the ego clash of the two companies for a long time.

After almost four years since its launch, the iOS platform is now getting some Flash player supported browsing, though not with the complete consent of Apple. In a recent announcement, Adobe has made it clear that iOS5 devices can stream Flash video content using a new method.

The new tweak will work only with the HTML5 supported browsers. The story goes like this. Adobe now supports HHTP Live Streaming, or HLS on the Adobe Flash Platform.

This allows Flash related content to stream on any device despite the fact whether it has Flash player installed in it or not. The Flash videos and web content can be streamed if the browser in the device is up-to-date with HTML 5 compatibility.

However, the tweak will work only with HTML5 videos. But that constitutes the major portion of the Flash content on line. The other portion, like Flash games and advertisements will not be available for the iOS 5 device users this way.

Here’s a video for you:

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