Verizon Smartphone Pricing Details Out in the Open

April 15, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s the season of leaks, and we have been fed with many of late. The latest leak gives us much to feel joyous about, in fact. For, the contract pricing details of Verizon’s upcoming phones have been found in the wild. Considered to be the future price map of the carrier, the pricing list details the two-year contract on Verizon for the devices.

The smartphones listed on the catalog include Samsung Droid Charge, LG Revolution as well as Droid Incredible 2.  If you are curious about knowing what’s in store for you, here goes: While the Samsung Droid Charge will be available for $299.99, the LG Revolution will come for $249.99, Droid Incredible 2 for $199.99 and the Droid X 2 for $199.99.

Based on the price list, it becomes clear that Big Red is charging more for their 4G LTE phones as compared to their 3G ones.

However, that does not come as a surprise as we had expected that. Those awaiting new phones on Verizon would now know how much bucks they will get to save on their favorite handsets.

Though this has come out as a leak, we have reasons to believe this is the final pricing details that Verizon has listed.

It gives a clear and confirmed indication of the future plans of the carrier. Do let us know if you intend to buy any of these devices as soon as they roll out.

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