HTC Droid Incredible Gingerbread Update This Summer

April 15, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

All you out there owning an HTC Droid Incredible and waiting patiently for a new world of Gingerbread upgrade, can now throw parties. We just stumbled upon reliable information that a Gingerbread update is all set to hit HTC Droid Incredible handsets very soon.

Though HTC is yet to confirm an official update release date, the officials have indirectly admitted that the device will be getting an OS update very soon. A customer email enquiring about the possible Android 2.3 update for the HTC Droid Incredible had the HTC officials replying in the affirmative. Though they haven’t been too generous to disclose the golden date on which the Gingerbread update will start rolling out to HTC Droid Incredible owners, they have promised to make it happen sometime this summer.

Possibly the update will be distributed Over The Air. So you may wait till the update notification hits your home screen. Or if you tend to be impatient, you can well start checking the update option now and then bring it on to your HTC Droid Incredible.

The mail from HTC goes on to say that when they fix a date, they will let the world know about it through the company website and Facebook posts. We hope we will get to know an exact date before it goes official. We are digging on that, so you may please stay tuned.

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