Nokia W7 & W8 First Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Revealed

April 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Nokia – Microsoft Windows Phone 7 deal has already been discussed in detail, and we are sure you guys have been waiting impatiently to play with a Nokia device that will come sporting WP7. The Symbian devices are on the wane, and we get to hear that a couple of new smartphones that will carry WP7 are already in the works at Nokia. As if confirming this, a leak has brought forth the upcoming devices.

Interestingly, the strategy seems to be to bring out to public domain the new agreement by way of the naming of the new devices. The two smart handsets that are gearing up for release have been named Nokia W7 and W8. Prototypes of these first handsets expected to appear with the Nokia-Windows Phone 7 tag have been revealed by way of a tweet.

The Nokia W7 is likely to be an extended version of Nokia X7, built around an X7 hardware base, while the W8 will be similar to the N8 camera phone. The prototypes will have Qualcomm chips under the hood.

The W7 will come featuring an 8 megapixel shooter with auto focus and flash, while the W8 will come with a 12 mega pixel camera. The W7 – more or less – reminds us of the HTC Mozart without much change to the Operating System.

Nokia is likely to launch around a dozen Windows Phone 7 handsets in 2012. The Finnish company, often criticized for lack of good software, has a chance to prove otherwise with the two new Win Phone 7 handset. Stay tuned as we go hunting for more on the new upcoming Nokia WP7 smartphones.

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