Lenovo 23-inch Tablet in the Works; For Use at Home!

April 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, 10 inch slates and 7 inch slates are all traveling to news headlines these days. We know your tablet dreams are always about a cute tiny portable device which can handle a lot more things despite its smaller screen. However, when it comes to Lenovo, they think big! We hear the company is working on a 23 inch tablet project right now. How about that?

Lenovo is not much worried about your portability concerns with their project to develop a tablet bigger than an average laptop or even a desktop display. The company also admits there are less portability issues. However, according to them, it is not meant to be carried along with the users but to be used inside the home.

Though Lenovo calls the upcoming device a tablet, it falls under the company’s all-in-one desktop range. The only difference between the other models in the range is that the tablet will be running on batteries. So Lenovo is working on extending the battery life of the device as well as to bring it out as a lighter machine.

However, like other tablets, it can also be docked on to a full keyboard, or can just be placed on a table to use as a television when needed. We feel the usability of the device will solely depend on the weight and thickness of the device when it comes out in its last shape. Well, as the saying goes, ‘think big’, always. What do you feel?

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