Evil Controllers Partners With Chicago High Schoolers to “Save the World with Gaming.”

April 14, 2011, By Christian Davis

Everyone should be making an effort to conserve our planet’s natural resources. A few students from Chicago’s Whitney M. Young High School are doing their part for the environment with the first-ever Game Hour. On Saturday April 23rd they are having friends, families, and co-workers, gather together and turn off all electricity in every room in the house but one. For a total of 60 minutes, they will all play a board game, a videogame, or any other activity that the participants see fit.

Evil Controllers and Gamers Go Green hope to encourage family bonding while saving our earth some of it’s precious natural resources. This Game Hour is spreading rapidly to other parts of the industry as well. Professional gamer Fatal1ty, BHLGaming.com, Optic Nation, Gaming for the Cure, and S.O.S. Gamers are on board to host their own Game Hour events as well.

“The purpose of all of this is to reduce to use of our resources and have fun while doing it,” stated student leader, Daniel Romero. “Our ultimate goal is to eventually make this a nationally advertised holiday like Earth day. That’s our idea and how we’d like to do it.”

Not a bad plan. To keep track of all participants, Gamers Go Green and Evil Controllers ask all to “Like” their Facebook Page and let them know you’re participating!

I definitely will be. Are you going to participate? Let us know in the comments.

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