White iPhone 4 Rumored to Arrive by End of April

April 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

White iPhone 4 rumor, yet again! Wait till you rubbish this one as a rumor, though. For, this one comes from trustworthy sources. It is being said that Apple will begin selling a white version of the iPhone 4 in the next few weeks. We agree there have been many such rumors, but we tend to take this particular one at face value. Read on, and you would also want to do the same.

The white iPhone 4 has already been delayed by almost 10 months. The sources have told Bloomberg that the White iPhone 4 is back and could release later this month. So by end of April, we might be able to lay our hands on this elusive device we have been hearing about a lot since the past so many months.

Going by what we hear, Apple will bring on the white iPhone 4 both on AT&T and also Verizon Wireless. Now, that is an exciting strategy, to say the least. Customers on both the carriers will now be looking forward to playing with the device as soon as it rolls out.

If you remember, Apple official  Phil Schiller had in a tweet hinted that the white iPhone 4 would come to us this Spring. It had been months, as we mentioned earlier, since the iPhone 4 rolled out in June.

The white variant had been in the works, and was said to be gearing up for a gala release. But then, nothing materialized all these days. We guess the latest talk of the April release has something true about it.

By the way, would you want to buy the variant that has been long delayed, or would you be waiting for the next generation device that Apple is readying for release?

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