Ubisoft’s Outland Gets a New Trailer

April 13, 2011, By Christian Davis

Ubisoft’s latest venture into the realm of XBLA and PSN is look quite good.  the tribal action platformer known as Outland definitely should be on your. radar. The trailer gives a glimpse of some of the challenges that players will encounter as they travel through a world split between light and darkness.

For a downloadable game, it looks rather large. There are some gigantic bosses that you have to face and most of the standard enemies that you will be facing are already twice your size. This is clearly a disadvantage for our protagonist who is destined to become a legendary hero.

In the trailer below you’ll see some exciting combat, some challenging(I can only imagine harder) puzzles, risky platforming, and a glimpse at some of the game’s massive bosses. Throughout the trailer you’ll see red and blue orbs. In cooperative gameplay these appear to be power-ups  for the players and will probably refill their magic meter, add health, or do something to that affect.

Here’s the trailer below. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

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