Set Email Signatures and Confirmations in Hotmail

April 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’re using Hotmail as your primary email account solution, typing your name at the end of each message you send can get a little bit tiresome.

Surely what Hotmail needs is a method for adding some sort of email signature to the end of every message? Well funnily enough, that’s exactly what you can do – hidden away amongst the Hotmail options and sent emails confirmations is a tool that allows you add not only a “From Pete” signature, but one that allows you to add hyperlinks, coloured text and other formatting in order to produce a signature that will impress the recipient!

Set email signatures in Hotmail

Creating Your Hotmail Personal Email Signature

To create and edit your email signature, sign in to your Hotmail account and go to Options > Writing email > Personal email signature.

This will reveal a blank space with a formatting toolbar that can be used to create an impressive email signature in Rich text or Edit in HTML mode (these options can be altered via the drop-down menu on the right side of the toolbar) or a standard Plain text signature if you prefer.

You can get started by just typing “From Pete” and clicking save, or else type in something more complicated – such as the example above – using the provided tools.

Use the Font name drop-down menu to select from a limited but versatile selection of fonts (including Arial and Times New Roman) and the usual bold, italic and underline tools to apply standard inline formatting. Finally you can use the Insert hyperlink button to add web and email addresses as in the example above. For an email address, rather than entering http://www… etc., instead use

If you’re handy with HTML, meanwhile, the Edit in HTML mode will allow you to add a few more elements, such as an image using the <img src=”[IMAGE URL HERE]” /> tag.

With your changes made, click Save, and the signature will appear on all future emails!

Other Useful Email Settings

A few other useful email settings are available in Hotmail that can make your use of the web app easier (although these will not have any effect on how you use the service through an email client).

Using the Options > Writing email > Reply-to address setting you can set a different address in your emails for people you email to reply to. This is a useful setting to know about, and can be used in situations when you want replies to be available on another device, for instance. Using this setting is a case of choosing Other address, entering the preferred email address, and clicking Save.

If you want to keep a record of saved email addresses, meanwhile, use the Options > Writing email > Saving sent messages option to choose between Don’t save sent messages and Save all sent messages in the Sent items folder.

Finally, the Options > Writing email > Sent message confirmations option can be used if you want to see a confirmation message in your browser when you send an email.

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