How to Find Games for Your Mac

April 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you have recently moved from a Windows PC or laptop to using a Mac, you might have discovered that games are less easy to come by.

While some popular titles are available for Mac computers (such as games from The Sims, Civilization or Football Manager series) many others are not, which makes the activity of playing games on your Mac pretty difficult.

However you are not alone in this discovery, and while you wait for PC games manufacturers to start taking advantage of the fact that these computers are now largely indistinguishable from PCs in every respect except the operating system, there are various places where you can find and download games for your Apple Mac computer.

How to find games for your Mac

Independent, Open Source and Free Games for Mac OS X

The first place you should probably check for games for Mac OS X is, a website featuring a wide selection of full price games, demos and apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad devices.

Next, head to where you will find six of the best open source games available for Mac OS X, such as the Tron clone Armagetron Advanced, and when you’re done there try out which features a slightly different list of titles, which includes the popular FreeCiv, an open source version of Sid Meier’s Civilization II.

Finally, will also provide a variety of freeware games for Mac OS X.

Steam for Mac

Windows users have long been able to have the top gaming titles downloaded to their PCs via Steam, and the popular digital delivery and update service is now available to Mac OS X users.

A quick check of the Steam for Mac client reveals a unique blend of indie titles and top games such as Civilization V and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, among an ever-growing library of titles.

To use Steam (a service that also provides you with in-game access to their user community and also manages and records any in-game achievements that you might have made) on your Mac, visit and download a copy for free!


Meanwhile with a wider selection of gaming titles is Direct2Drive ( which offers a similar digital delivery service as Steam.  New games are added to Direct2Drive all of the time, and they’re easy to find by browsing the various categories that are on offer (first person, role playing, etc.) or using the search tool!

The idea of Direct2Drive is very similar to Steam, requiring you to visit the website, sign up with an account, add your credit card details and choose titles to download to your Mac, assuming that the computer is up to scratch in terms of hardware requirements.

Do be aware that having the most up to date Mac model and operating system is the best path to gaming success on a Mac. If you don’t have any of these, stick to the open source solutions above.

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